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The holidays are coming! It’s that time of year to slow down and spend quality time with friends and family. But when you’re the host, things can get hectic fast. You don’t have time to stress over keeping your home warm and comfortable for your guests, especially as the temperatures start to fall below freezing. Whether you’re hosting a party or overnight guests, Allied Heating & Cooling Corp. has you covered. Here are some tips to help you make sure your home is feeling cozy and your heating system is running safely and efficiently this season.

  • Program your thermostat. Let your thermostat do the work for you. With your thermostat programmed to adjust automatically throughout the day, you don’t have to worry about maintaining a comfortable temperature.
  • Turn down the heat. Seems strange, right? Actually, having more people in your home brings in natural heat. So, depending on how many people you have over and how big your space is, you can lower your thermostat to save money without sacrificing the comfort of your guests.
  • Keep warm air in and cold air out. Going indoors and outdoors during a party with furnace running decreases energy efficiency. Close the doors to a room or the vents in that room if you’re not using it, and keep outdoor doors closed to trap the heat inside.
  • Replace the furnace filter. It’s easy to forget to change your furnace filter. Over time, it gets dirty and dusty and can affect the air quality in your home. Swap it out ahead of the holidays to ensure safety and premium air quality for guests.
  • Test your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector. A well-maintained furnace will safely vent carbon dioxide out of and away from your house. However, if your furnace is old or clogged, the gas can build up within the vent and become dangerous. Making sure your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector are up to date will give you piece of mind this holiday season.
  • Reverse your ceiling fan. If the ceiling fan is running with the blades angled down, the warm air will be pushed back down into the room, keeping the warmth in. Also, having the fan on will keep air circulating, so you get a more even temperature throughout your home.

To ensure your home is ready for the holidays and the winter weather, schedule a maintenance check with Allied Heating & Air Corp. We’ll make sure your heating system is clean, safe, and ready for the season, so you can focus on enjoying the holiday spirit.


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