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In the winter, we often turn up the heat in our homes to fight off the chill outside, but that doesn’t mean we necessarily love being cooped up without any fresh air. Not only can heated indoor air get stuffy and dry on occasion, but most people also prefer a cooler temperature for their sleeping environment.

The simplest course of action in this situation would be to turn down the heat, however, sometimes we want to breathe fresh for a change. Many people will open one of their bedroom windows just a crack during the winter in order to sleep more comfortably. While this may not seem like a significant change in temperature, it can have a profound effect on your heating bills.

Risks of Sleeping with the Windows Open

When an HVAC system is fit for your home, the size of your home is taken into consideration to choose the best-sized unit for your space and heating needs. If you open your windows when it’s cold out, the cool air will put additional pressure on your heating system. Your furnace, heat pumps, or boiler now has to work harder to maintain the temperature your thermostat is set at, which also wastes energy and increases your energy bills.

If you are someone who likes to fall asleep with the window open, consider turning your thermostat down as low as possible instead, or shutting the heat off completely until morning. This will allow your heating system to catch a break instead of putting it under pressure. Additionally, running your heater less often will save you money on utility bills and may even increase the lifespan of your unit.

Leaving your windows open at night can also pose a security risk, allow curious pets to sneak out and get lost, and welcome allergens into your home—yes, even in the winter. For this reason, we always suggest sleeping with your windows closed during the winter whenever possible.

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