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Preventative HVAC Maintenance Throughout
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Preventative maintenance is the key to keeping your HVAC system operating reliably and efficiently. Many times an emergency situation can be avoided by having your system checked seasonally.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

  • Reliability 90% of all air conditioning system failures are a result of little or no maintenance!
  • Efficiency A dirty or improperly charged air conditioner can cost up to 50% more to operate than a system that has been properly maintained!
  • Capacity A dirty or improperly maintained system can take twice as long to cool a home.
  • Longevity A well maintained cooling system will outlast a poorly maintained system.

An air conditioner cleaning and maintenance check from Allied Air Conditioning & Heating Corporation is an affordable service that can prevent emergency failures, save you money, and increase your comfort. Our NATE-certified technicians will clean and inspect your system and check for any problems that could prevent you from having a cool comfortable summer.

Furnace Cleaning & Maintenance

Whether protecting your furnace from breakdowns or maintaining your extended warranty, a furnace cleaning is an important part of a healthy, efficient, and safe home.

  • Save Money & Energy: With a clean heating system, you’ll save on your energy bills. Let Allied Air Conditioning & Heating Corporation clean your furnace and keep your equipment operating at the efficiency level the manufacturer intended.
  • Increase Comfort: Proper cycling and firing rates are critical to providing the optimal heat output and keeping the flow of heat even and consistent throughout the home.
  • Prevent Breakdowns: When you have your furnace cleaned yearly, you’ll avoid the inconvenience and cost of frequent breakdowns.
  • Increase Lifespan: Proper maintenance will keep your furnace running longer. NATE-certified Allied Air Conditioning & Heating Corporation technicians will clean, oil, and inspect your system to prevent the need for premature replacement.

Your HVAC – Guaranteed!

Most furnace and air conditioner manufacturers require that their systems have annual maintenance in order to maintain warranty coverage. Realizing a lack of proper furnace maintenance can damage the vital components within the units, manufacturers include a maintenance requirement within their warranties. Failure to complete the regular maintenance can result in loss of coverage.

After having your system maintained by Allied Air Conditioning & Heating Corporation you automatically receive a no breakdown guarantee where we will waive the normal $84 diagnostic fee and return at no charge should you require a service call during the season.


HVAC Preventative Maintenance at Allied Air Conditioning & Heating Corporation

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