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From summer to winter, we all want to be able to control the temperature and humidity in our homes to ensure we’re enjoying a comfortable living environment all year round. Heating and cooling our homes year-round can be an expensive investment. Regular and preventative maintenance are the most important practices to ensure your HVAC system is running efficiently and to avoid costly repairs, but sometimes a repair or a system upgrade is necessary. Just as you would for other expensive home projects, it is beneficial to get a second opinion.

The best thing about second opinions is that they are free! Reputable HVAC companies will understand and support your impulse to get a second opinion. They know that it is an important step in the process for home projects before choosing to move forward with the work, and they’ll respect your choice to educate yourself. The opinions you gather may vary on the diagnosis, resolution, and quote for the work, but no matter what, it will be up to you to decide how to move forward.

Why should I get a second opinion?

  • It allows you to confirm the diagnosis and resolution of a problem.
  • It ensures you receive the appropriate repairs and replacement equipment.
  • It gives you a better understanding of how much the repairs or equipment should cost.

When should I get a second opinion?

  • Consider a second opinion when you are facing a major change or repair to your HVAC system.
  • If the suggested repair doesn’t seem to fit the problem, ask another professional to weigh in.
  • The HVAC technician may push for work that you’re not certain about, so another opinion will help you confirm what is needed and what isn’t.
  • If the estimate for a project seems extreme or you don’t have a clear idea of the appropriate cost, a second opinion will help you find an acceptable range.

How to evaluate multiple opinions?

  • Consider the level of detail in the quote to gauge the technician’s willingness to be transparent with the project.
  • Whether you found your HVAC professional through your own research or through a recommendation from a friend, rely on the experiences of others and the kind of support they provided in the past.
  • Some technicians will provide parts and labor warranties, so it’s good to ask what is available to you in case there is an issue down the road.
  • After talking with the technician, assess your level of comfort with that person and how much you trust their company and references.

Taking the time to think through these points and weigh your options may save you time and money when fixing a particular issue. Or maybe you’ll decide to take on a more extensive repair or upgrade project to increase efficiency and save money on your energy bills over time. Either way, educating yourself and asking questions will give you more confidence in your decision.

Whether you’re facing an unexpected issue or you’re ready to upgrade your HVAC system, our technicians at Allied are available to help. Our team is happy to answer your questions and provide a second opinion on your project. Visit our website or give us a call today to schedule your service!


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