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Proper storage is vital to preserving the quality of the wine. Maintaining ideal temperature and humidity works to properly age your collection for years of enjoyment. The wine cellar protects against direct sunlight and should remain at a stable temperature within the range of 52 to 58 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cooler Installations for Wine Cellars

Even a daily temperature fluctuation of just three degrees can result in damage. A rise in temperature causes the wine to expand as it warms, forcing the cork to move and allowing air to seep out. When the wine cools and contracts, oxygen is drawn into the bottle. Humidity is also a concern. Too high and there’s the risk of mold or mildew growth. Too low and the corks will dry out. Relative humidity in the wine cellar should be kept between 50 and 70%.

Allied Air Conditioning & Heating Corporation provides for the specialized needs of wine cellars in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. Conventional air conditioners are designed to cool quickly and can cause dried-out corks and oxidized wine. A cellar cooling system, perfectly sized and installed for your storage space, operates for longer periods at higher coil temperatures to ensure consistent temperature and recommended humidity levels.

Wine Cellar Coolers for Your Home

There are through-the-wall, self-contained units, split systems for more flexible installation, and fully ducted options to accommodate every type of demand. With 55 years of industry experience, Allied Air Conditioning & Heating Corporation helps you determine the right fit for your specific wine cellar and budget. Our NATE-certified techs handle all aspects of new design/installation, upgrades, and essential maintenance. Don’t hesitate to call us for free estimates, repair of all makes and models, and 24/7 emergency service across Mundelein, Vernon Hills, Arlington Heights, Barrington, Inverness & Hoffman Estates, IL.

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit for Palatine & Libertyville, Illinois


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