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Do you cough or breathe harder at home? Do your floors creak more than usual? Perhaps you notice more cracks and gaps in your walls than before. If you answer yes to these questions, your indoor air is too dry. 

Fortunately, we’re here to help with professional house humidifier installation services to give you breathable air at home.

Signs Your Home Needs a Humidifier

Home humidifiers have many benefits that improve indoor air quality. However, you may not even realize you need a humidifier in your home. Look out for any of these signs 

  • Cracked Walls: Any noticeable cracks and gaps in your walls may indicate dry air inside your home. 
  • Warped Flooring: Floors, especially wood floors, can buckle and warp due to a lack of moisture in the air.
  • Warped Furniture: Wood furniture can also warp due to dry air.
  • Dry Skin: Some people have itchier, sensitive skin from dry air.
  • Respiratory Issues: Dry home air may also cause wheezing, coughing, and other respiratory problems. A humidifier can help relieve these issues.
  • High Utility Bills: Dry air further causes your HVAC system to work harder and produce static electricity. As a result, you pay more for your monthly energy bills. A humidifier alleviates some of this stress for your heating and cooling systems to work more efficiently.

Our Humidifier Installation Services

Fortunately, if you experience any of these issues, Allied Air Conditioning and Heating is here to help. We’re professional home humidifier installers. No one should face dry air at home when humidity levels rise. A Carrier whole house humidifier ensures proper breathing, indoor air quality, and internal moisture levels all year. 

We provide home humidifier replacement, installation, and repair services. No matter what the issue is, our NATE-certified HVAC technicians will handle it. We have years of professional experience, ongoing training, and advanced equipment to install and fix your humidifier fast and efficiently.

When we install a whole house humidifier, we follow all local codes to attach the humidifier directly to the water line. We’ll install a saddle valve and solenoid valve directly to the water pipe. From there, hot water vapors travel through the humidifier filters for you to feel warmer at home. We can also install return-air duct and bypass duct systems, whichever your humidifier requires. 

Why Us?

We’re proud to service Palatine, Libertyville, and surrounding areas. Allied Air Conditioning and Heating is your go-to HVAC service company with over 55 years of service! We’re the only Illinois Carrier dealer to win the Carrier President’s Award for the 16th consecutive year! We won this award because we have the best team of qualified and talented individuals focused on customer service.

Our history speaks for itself. Check out our numerous 5-star reviews from past customers to see the quality work we accomplished. When you schedule service with Allied, you can expect

  • Hardworking, professional HVAC contractors who will finish the job efficiently and on time
  • Upfront, fair pricing with affordable financing options
  • Clear communication through every step of the installation process

Humidifier Iinstallation Near Me

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If you need humidifier installation in your home, call us at 847-262-3349 for a free quote. We’re happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. If you need emergency services, we’re available 24/7 to help! You can also contact us online through our online submission form.


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