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New home buyers want reliable, consistent temperatures throughout their home, a good HVAC plan can do the trick. Spring is here and home building season is upon us. When making HVAC plans, taking some time upfront with an Allied Air Conditioning & Heating engineer can save both time and money down the line.

Each step of the way, it’s wise to keep the entire house in mind. From floor plans to air flow, there are many pieces that affect the final design of your HVAC system. Budget may decide the actual unit purchased, but there are extra details to consider that may turn a simple unit into the perfect installation.
Check that the equipment specs meet the standards for the selected home size and layout. If plans were drawn up in 2015, there might be new standards to comply with in 2016. For example, the minimum ventilation requirements, last updated in 2010 are being updated in 2016 (ASHRAE 62.2). If HVAC details aren’t your strength, rely on your Allied Air Conditioning & Heating representative to assure today’s standards are met.

Another question under consideration is the size of your ducts? Too large and the risk exists for a double whammy of unnecessary expense for you upfront, and energy costs for the buyer down the line. Too small and ducts will not provide enough air distribution throughout the house. Down the line, you could find a dissatisfied buyer, the last thing you need in this cyber-connected world.

Working with a certified HVAC engineer, you can be sure of installing the proper sized ductwork. There are many Duct Calculators available for free online, but even if you aren’t installing it yourself, it’s helpful to double check plans with these handy calculators. Allied Air Conditioning & Heating can ensure the right calculations are made.

When using a non-certified engineer there’s the risk of having “ductopus” in the house. Any opportunity to simplify and straighten the layout of your ductwork can save money. An HVAC system designed with straight main lines and straight branches, will not only cut down costs, but it will also make heating and cooling more efficient.

The best kind of heating system is one that you don’t realize is even there. With radiant floors, you eliminate whooshing vents and eyesore ductwork. Whether you want a heated floor in your bathroom, kitchen, garage, or mudroom, we can help.

A buyer can feel confident in the quality of all Allied Air Conditioning & Heating work as our name is on every new install. Designing and installing systems for almost fifty years, Allied has weathered the trends and understands the needs and concerns of contractors and home builders. We consistently provide well-made, guaranteed products and back it up with 24/7 emergency services and regular office hours 6 days a week.


Interested in a boiler for your home or commercial space? Allied Air Conditioning & Heating Corporation partners with IBC and Carrier brands to not only ensure the right fit for any demand but outstanding reliability and lasting performance.



Through our relationship with Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., participating HVAC dealers offer a variety of flexible options for financing your new HVAC product or system. That way, you can invest in your home’s comfort without breaking your monthly budget.

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