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Have you been having trouble breathing lately, making you panic that you might have contracted the coronavirus? Maybe your sinuses seem to always be infected. You might have been trying to assure those around you at the grocery store or out on the trail that your coughing and watery eyes are just allergies, and nothing of which to be suspicious, but inside you are rolling your eyes at yourself. Why do you need to suffer like this all year long?

You don’t need to continue suffering. A simple modification to your home’s air control system can make you healthier.

Why use a purification system if my air conditioning filters the air?

To put it simply, your air conditioning cools the air while your purifier cleans it. A UV air purification system is a free-standing unit added to specific areas of your home that keeps the air in that room clean in several ways:

  • It prevents dust from settling, which keeps that dust out of your lungs and keeps those allergies at bay.
  • It deactivates the DNA of viruses, bacteria, and mold, preventing them from reproducing and causing disease. Instead, the microbes will die off and become inert.
  • Without dust settling in the room with a UV purifier, you will have less cleaning to do around your house. That also means less contact with chemicals and fewer chemicals in the air.

Why Ultraviolet rays? Isn’t that a form of radiation?

UV radiation may sound dangerous, but it can be more helpful than anything. Because it uses less energy than gas or electricity, it saves the rest of your home’s HVAC system from having to work as hard, thereby saving energy and being environmentally friendly in the process. Another benefit of using ultraviolet rays is the fact that they do not require paper filters. That means nothing to throw out regularly from the system and less waste going to landfills.

Can I be healthier just by using a UV air purification system in my home?

In a word, yes. People spend around 90% of their day indoors – where germs and allergens are trapped without a way to get out. Those microorganisms need to attach to something, so they attach to warm bodies. UV light is a common way to kill those microorganisms. Doctors and dentists have been using UV cleaning systems to sanitize their instruments for years, and scientists have even recently been investigating whether or not UV rays can be used to kill the seemingly indestructible COVID-19 virus. Even so, without constant infections, your immune system builds itself up, and a stronger immune system makes it easier to overcome any other ailments that may come your way.

If you have reached your breaking point with continuous coughing and sneezing from being cooped up in your home during pandemic shutdowns, or even if you would just like to prevent those illnesses before they start, it’s time to look into getting a UV air purification system for your home from Allied Air Conditioning and Heating. Your family and your lungs will be forever grateful. Breathe easier today.


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