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Every time you turn around there is another resource telling you, they know who is “THE BEST!” You can find referral lists on the internet. You hear them on the radio. There are TV ads, and emails. There are even apps who connect you with your neighbors.

So who do you really trust when choosing an HVAC contractor?

Heating and air conditioning can be big ticket items when you need to replace them. When they don’t need replacing, they always need regular maintenance. Establishing a strong relationship with a local HVAC service provider can really serve you well for years to come, and help you decide faster when you run into a problem.

It’s wise to do your homework, and get referrals from more than one source if you can. There are at minimum four criteria you want to include in selection process:

  • First, you want to be sure they are reputable
    • An established business will be available after this service, to follow up and maintain your equipment in the future.
    • Are they licensed?
    • Are the technicians certified?
  • Second, are they local?
    • You don’t want to be a number – you want to be a recognized customer. A local business that is a member of your local chamber or service organizations, is more likely to care about their continued reputation in the community.
    • Asking for referrals, from both the companies themselves, and your friends, and neighbors can be a good way to understand what type of service you can expect, and help you understand issues that you might not have thought about. Once you have the referrals, follow up and check out their references for yourself.
  • Third, what types of products do they install?
    • Are they top of the line, such as Carrier, or are they an unknown name brand?
    • What are the guarantees?
    • Are they energy efficient?
    • Ask if there are any discounts or rebates available?
    • Do they provide any additional amenities you are looking for (smart technology, remote access?)
  • Fourth, do they provide a room by room heat loss/gain estimate on all HVAC installations?
    • Heat Loss/Gain calculates how fast heat is gained or lost in your home.
    • Allied provides a room-by-room heat loss/gain estimate for all HVAC equipment installations as required by:
      • All manufacturers
      • The Department of Energy
      • American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE Manual J)
      • New energy codes
    • Most contractors do not provide this service automatically.

When you do decide to call for a quote, be sure they don’t give you a price over the phone, before they actually come out to your site. Expect them to inspect your home before they give you a price. It is unlikely, without actually looking at the system, and assessing the issues, that anyone could quote you a fair, honest and firm price. You don’t want to be surprised when they come out to install, and find out that there are a “few more repairs than originally expected” – or “we are going to need some additional parts and there’s going to be more labor involved.”

Also, once they do quote you a price, make sure you have it in writing, with the parts and labor clearly outlined. This way when you are comparing quotes (recommended), you can really compare apples to apples.

Taking the time now, to learn more about what is available, can save you time and money for years to come. A new HVAC system should last for many years, so it’s good learn all you can upfront while you are making your decision.
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Finally, when you are considering which to choose, remember price should not be the only deciding factor. Sometimes lowest prices come with lesser quality parts, even possibly poorly trained technicians. Improperly installed equipment can cut short the life of an otherwise good system. Ask questions now, follow up on your referral, and make sure to get the best system for your family’s needs. Don’t skimp up front and pay later for an investment that should serve you well for decades.

Allied has been satisfying customers throughout ChicagoLand for 47 Years
A premier Carrier Factory Authorized, 9-time Presidents Award Dealer, Allied is one of the largest HVAC contractors in the area and top 2% nationwide in sales volume.  Allied enjoys a reputation of quality, ethics, and high end customer service providing comfortable indoor environments for the homes and business of the north and northwest suburbs of Chicago.

When you call Allied Air Conditioning & Heating Corp., you can expect the following, every time:

  • Prompt, professional service. Our ethical and courteous team will answer any questions you may have about our services, prices, and products.
  • Competitive rates. Our fee estimates and flat rate prices ensure you get the best rates for your parts and repairs.
  • Quality parts. We want to ensure your air conditioner lasts for many years to come, which is why we replace broken components with only the best parts. Although we work quickly, we don’t take shortcuts.
  • Budget-friendly options. Air conditioning units don’t have to empty your wallet. We offer payment plans so you can manage the cost with ease.

We understand that your heating and cooling machinery can break down when you least expect it, which is why we offer 24 hour service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Interested in a boiler for your home or commercial space? Allied Air Conditioning & Heating Corporation partners with IBC and Carrier brands to not only ensure the right fit for any demand but outstanding reliability and lasting performance.



Through our relationship with Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., participating HVAC dealers offer a variety of flexible options for financing your new HVAC product or system. That way, you can invest in your home’s comfort without breaking your monthly budget.

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