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Flowers are beginning to bloom. We are all looking forward to saying goodbye to winter’s gloom. It’s a good time to check your air conditioner now so you’re ready to beat the heat.

Weather in the 50’s doesn’t make you think of sweltering heat -but before you know it summer will be here. Don’t let the heat rise before you find out your home is in need of air conditioner repair. “furnace

Here are 5 simple DIY tips you can do now, to assure your air conditioner is prepared to handle the summer heat spells.

  1. First, anytime you are working on your air conditioner, be sure the power to your unit is off before you start. Simplest way is to turn off the circuit breaker that powers your system.
  2. Next, go outside and visually assess the outside of AC unit to check for pests and debris. If you wrapped the A/C unit up for winter, carefully remove the cover, and look around the unit for any signs of infestation. Rodents can eat wires and ants can corrode the unit. If you see a trail of ants coming to and from your unit – check to see if they lead to a nest or if they have just found a food source. If it is a food source – remove it and try spraying vinegar on the trail to keep new ants from coming back. If there is a nest, put borax around the unit. Borax is a great natural solution and helps keep the nest from rebuilding. If you see signs of rodents – you can put out traps, and use steel wool to fill any openings around pipes etc… call a Pet Control Specialist for assistance. If you didn’t cover your air conditioner for winter – you likely have leaves, weeds, or other debris throughout the top & sides of the unit. Carefully remove any debris making sure not to bend the small metal fins under the grate.If your dryer vent is near your AC unit, you may have lint build up on the grate or the fins. Using a soft brush, gently sweep the lint off the fins. Be Careful, the fins are delicate and bend easily.
  3. See if you have bent fins in your Air Conditioner Walk around your A/C Unit to check the small fins inside the protective grating. Bumps and branches can easily bend the fins which restrict airflow. Restricted airflow taxes the unit and decreases efficiency. If you notice your machine is underperforming and you have bent coils, contact your Allied technician for a service call.
  4. Check the insulation around the refrigerant lines coming into the unit for frays and leaks.

If you see insulation around the lines has begun to crumble or fray, it needs to be replaced or repaired. You can replace the foam insulation. It can be found at the hardware store. Measure first then cut to fit. Be sure to tape over any gaps. The better insulation, the more efficient cooling.

5. Is your unit level?

With the freezing and melting we have during winter, your unit may have moved a bit, which can cause rattling and shaking . Eventually this can lead to the pipes carrying the refrigerant to leak. Using a level, check to see if your unit is sitting on level ground.

If you run into more than you want to handle, your friends at Allied would be happy to help you with your air conditioning maintenance and repair needs.


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