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The cost of keeping up with the heating and cooling systems in your home can be pricey and inconvenient. With all of the changing seasons in the Chicagoland area, it seems like there is always something to update or repair in and around your home. Air conditioning in the summer, heat in the winter, and … Continued

Keeping Your Business Hot…Or Cold

Is your HVAC system ready for winter? As a business or commercial property owner, you know how hard it is to stay on top of your heating and cooling system—and how important it is. Whether it’s an unseasonably warm winter or another polar vortex, Allied Heating & Air Corp. can take care of your business’s … Continued

Work With Me People... Careers in a Trade

The HVAC industry is growing at a steady pace, and the need for trained technicians is too. If you’re looking for a change, consider a career in HVAC with Allied Air Conditioning & Heating Corp. A career in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration is lucrative, stimulating, and always in demand. Here are some of … Continued

The Arlington Heights Rotary Santa Run

The Arlington Heights Rotary Santa Run, Sponsored In Part by Allied Air Conditioning and Heating Corp. Allied Air Conditioning and Heating Corp. is proud to sponsor the 2019 Rotary Santa Run in Arlington Heights, which supports people in need in our community and across the globe. The Rotary Santa Run has become a local tradition, … Continued

Holiday Hosting

The holidays are coming! It’s that time of year to slow down and spend quality time with friends and family. But when you’re the host, things can get hectic fast. You don’t have time to stress over keeping your home warm and comfortable for your guests, especially as the temperatures start to fall below freezing. … Continued

Local Update: Steel Tariff Decisions

Potential tariffs on steel and aluminum imported to the US have been in the news this winter and spring. What are the facts, and what do they mean for consumers? In addition to producing steel and aluminum here at home, the US annually imports a significant amount of each metal from a variety of countries. … Continued

Low Gas Prices Curb Furnace ROIs

Many contractors focus on the benefits of improved comfort rather than energy savings DECISIONS, DECISIONS: Comfort, not natural gas prices, usually lead homeowners to purchase a condensing furnace, said Kevin Fitzgerald, sales manager, Allied Air Conditioning and Heating Corp., Palatine, Illinois. Not that long ago, when gas prices were sky high, many customers chose to … Continued

Season’s Heatings - Isn’t It Time To Cool Off?

Are you concerned that your aging system might not last another summer? Maybe it’s time to call an Allied technician to come out and check your system. It’s a good idea to do this before the full force of summer’s heat makes cooling a necessity, not just a nicety. A little preventive maintenance can go … Continued

Plan Preventive Maintenance - Avoid Headaches

Maintenance supervisors and property managers have enough headaches with the day to day issues. Catching something simple, early on can save you major expense later. Dirty coils and filters impede efficiency and strain your system. Being able to identify problems before they arise, can help ward off many unplanned and costly HVAC repairs. With a … Continued

Clean-Up & Check-Ups

Wouldn’t it be nice to never have to get your teeth cleaned again? Any good mom will tell you … it’s just not how the world works. We brush our teeth daily to keep from having to go to the dentist, and – we still need to have our teeth professionally cleaned periodically. Same goes … Continued

Beware of Big Guys – Who Do You Trust?

Every time you turn around there is another resource telling you, they know who is “THE BEST!” You can find referral lists on the internet. You hear them on the radio. There are TV ads, and emails. There are even apps who connect you with your neighbors. So who do you really trust when choosing … Continued

Invest in Trust; Call Anytime for a 2nd Opinion

Heating and air conditioning repairs can often be some of the more expensive repairs you will do for your home or investment property. Proper heating and cooling is something that no one wants to live without. We all use them daily – to keep our homes comfortable, year-round. None of us want to go back … Continued


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