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Simple Tips for Holiday HVAC Maintenance

For many of us, the holidays are the busiest time of the year. Hosting family gatherings, meals, and parties feature in many families’ plans—ensure a problem with your heating system doesn’t mess them up. A failing HVAC system could turn your comfy home into an icebox just when company is arriving. Or, maybe you’re traveling … Continued

Boilers, Creaking Pipes, and Making it Through Winter

Some buildings have forced air heating, some have hydronic heating; some have a furnace, some have a boiler. It doesn’t matter which, though; your friends always come to you when something goes wrong because you’re handy. You know how things work, and you’re happy to help out. Even better is when you don’t know to … Continued

Let Allied Plan Your HVAC Systems

It seems like building homes never gets any easier. In the age of smartphones, mobile apps, and big data, there’s always some new technology that people desperately want in their new home. Staying at the forefront takes more and more effort. With all the new stuff out there, costs always go up but it sure … Continued

Refer A Friend; Earn Cash

October is the golden season: with school in swing, everyone is in the fall groove. You’ve gotten the household schedule back on track after summer’s chaos. The weather is still beautiful. Yet, stasis never sticks around for long. With winter on the horizon and the holidays coming up, it’s important to stay on budget for … Continued

A Second Opinion on Heating or A/C Repairs Can Pay Off

It’s been a long, hot summer. Don’t get us wrong, summer in Chicagoland is our reward for the brutal winters. We’re not complaining, but maybe your family is. The kids grew tired of the hot weather weeks ago and you’ve been running the air conditioner nonstop. Now, in these last weeks of the season, what … Continued

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality can be compromised by air conditioner maintenance issues, and lifestyle choices. You can play an active role in improving the air you breathe while indoors. Change the air filter regularly Every system has recommended filters and replacement periods. How often you need to change the filters depends on both your system’s recommendations, … Continued

Don’t Wait Until It’s 90 to Turn on Your AC for a Test

Nothing worse than coming home from work on a hot afternoon and turning on the Air Conditioner (A/C), only to find it isn’t working. Save yourself a lot of heartache and discomfort, by checking out your system this spring before you need it. Most importantly, schedule a preventive maintenance appointment by the trained technicians at … Continued

Five Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Flowers are beginning to bloom. We are all looking forward to saying goodbye to winter’s gloom. It’s a good time to check your air conditioner now so you’re ready to beat the heat. Weather in the 50’s doesn’t make you think of sweltering heat -but before you know it summer will be here. Don’t let … Continued

Building With HVAC Essentials in Mind

New home buyers want reliable, consistent temperatures throughout their home, a good HVAC plan can do the trick. Spring is here and home building season is upon us. When making HVAC plans, taking some time upfront with an Allied Air Conditioning & Heating engineer can save both time and money down the line. Each step … Continued

Too Dry in Your House? 3 Ways to Know For Sure

Runny nose? Getting zapped with static? Windows fogging? These could be signs that the humidity in your home needs adjusting. Allied can help assess and mitigate humidity issues. If it’s cold and dry outside, the air inside your home is even dryer. Dry air is uncomfortable for humans. Sixty percent of the human body is … Continued

Don't Lose Sleep Over Heat

When it’s cold, there is nothing better than walking into a warm cozy home. If you turn on the thermostat and the furnace fails to make that lovely warming sound… it’s good to know who to call. Imagine it’s a wintry Friday afternoon and already 20 degrees outside , The last thing anyone wants to … Continued

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Through our relationship with Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., participating HVAC dealers offer a variety of flexible options for financing your new HVAC product or system. That way, you can invest in your home’s comfort without breaking your monthly budget.

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